Fast-track to a Successful Cannabis Accounting Practice

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Cannabis accounting has some great opportunities for growth in 2019!

If you haven’t mapped out your goals yet for 2019 or thought critically about growth for your accounting practice, it’s not too late. 

Join us for our On-Demand Q&A. We'll be discussing:

  • Framework for finding new clients
  • How to provide World Class Accounting Support to Cannabis Companies
  • 280E and how cannabis companies need our help navigating various tax rules
  • ...and more!

If you’ve been on the fence about cannabis accounting or want more information about the industry, and how to become an expert, we encourage you to check out our on-demand webinar for more information. Learn how serving this industry can can transform your practice if you dive in and become an expert sooner rather than later.

We've helped over 200 accounting professionals from across the US become experts and jump into the fastest growing industry in the world! Now's the time to join the Green Rush. We're here to help!

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